Monday, 2 November 2015

The rivers are calling, its grayling time. Well almost!

The rivers are calling, its grayling time. Well almost!

I’m not sure if there are many anglers out there praying for some cold weather but I certainly am. Last winter was exactly the same, twenty something degrees on Halloween, great if you hate the cold but a real scary one if you’re an angler wanting to get some consistency going.
Hopefully over the next couple of weeks things will revert to a proper winter, frosty mornings when most fish will almost hibernate until a brief mild spell appears. Barbel will be able to predict when they feed, small fish will shoal up, almost disappear making the pike fishing more predictable and as for the crucains, well they will disappear completely to the spring.
Roach, chub, pike, perch, dace and grayling will be focused within my mind and I can’t wait to get out on a cold crispy morning and watch as my float makes its way downstream before disappearing.

Last year numerous anglers joined me on the banks of the river Itchen and Test to enjoy non-stop action from an array of species. Keep to learn the art of using a centrepin, many for the first time, all went home happy anglers having their strings well and truly pulled.

This year I have four stretches of the Test on offer, all varied so if it’s the possibility of a two-pound grayling or roach your seeking or a day’s fishing well away from others in unspoilt countryside then I think I can accommodate. Last year I spent loads of time with clients at Timsbury and on occasions watched corporate days, when numerous anglers were at times perplexed with how to tackle the river. If you’ve organised such a day this year then why not, for a small price per head, hire a guide who can spend time with each of you and help catch a few fish. And if you are looking for that little extra, like a few hours into darkness, then as long as we don’t push our luck this can be arranged as well.
Three stretches of the river Itchen are also there to be discovered so if you’re looking for a day with a difference then why not give me a call and I will do everything possible to make it one to remember. And if these aren’t good enough for you then I will myself be exploring new ground next week. Can’t say too much but keep an eye out as all will be revealed soon!

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