Thursday, 12 November 2015

Taking High Attract Pop Ups to their Ultimate Conclusion

Taking High Attract Pop Ups to their Ultimate Conclusion

The Citruz range of Airball pop ups is the result of the most exhaustive testing of attractor combinations yet. Covering thousands of man hours documenting the reaction of experienced carp to dozens of blends and levels with different additives the result is one hookbait that consistently brings bites when others fail.
Citruz pop ups use a blend of fruit esters, essential oils and the broad spectrum taste enhancer Talin to produce a simply amazing aroma that is of distinctive as it is deadly. Long lasting in the water column, dissipating easily in the coldest conditions and attracting at all levels to pull carp down to your hookbait, Citruz instantly became the bait that field testers would not fish without. Rolled using the improved Nash Airball mix offering extreme buoyancy for chod and stiff link presentations.
Citruz Airballs are needle friendly, durable and available in three formats, Citruz White, Citruz Rainbows and Citruz Pastels.

Citruz Pastels
Pastels use washed out shades to mimic older baits, a brilliant edge to have in t=your bag on waters where high-viz hookers have been absolutely hammered. With a huge following amongst carpers faced with difficult, constantly pressured carp Citruz Pastels offer the deadly attractor performance in a more subdued presentation.
Available in 10mm (£4.99), 15mm (£4.99) and 20mm (£5.99), each pot contains a 3ml Citruz Booster Spray to enhance short term attraction still further.
And it’s not just carpers that should be interested as I briefly used the 10mm baits on pressured tench water earlier this season with startling results as well as catching big rudd from Frensham Great Pond.
Make sure you have a tub tucked away in your rucksack at all times!

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