Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tough going but hugely rewarding!

Tough going but rewarding.Last night saw myself customer John heading to Frensham Great Pond, the scene of a mega tench catch taken by John last season that earn't him a free FAS permit.

This session was all about catching a 2lb plus rudd however hard as we tried, just one showed a 2lb 6oz fish on my rod. You maybe asking why l didn't let him take my rod but some anglers prefer to learn by association, watching myself then replicating what I do, my help comes in tying up rigs, baiting up and generally answering loads of questions. the next bite came to my rods, a tench then the tables turned as John went on to land four tench to around six pounds. Unfortunately the big rudd never came his way but he knows exactly what to do and I''m sure will be sending me a picture soon of a fish of a lifetime.

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Customer lands rudd brace weighing 4lb 11oz

Customer lands rudd brace weighing 4lb 110z!Tim's best rudd may have weighed a pound so a guided trip to Frensham Great was organised in the hope that a two may turn up. The fishing in general has been hard this season, especially the tench with anglers recording a few fish each session but struggling to put the mega hauls its famous for. 

Setting up in a tight reed fringed swim and after some gardening we managed to get the rods out but the small fish were proving problematic but struggling through these Tim managed his dream fish, a rudd weighing 2lb 8oz quickly followed by another of 2lb 3oz.
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Thursday, 6 July 2017

30 degrees and still catching!

30 degrees and catching!
Here are a couple of images from today's guiding session with Ian Joyce at Newdigate Fisheries. Far from ideal conditions and certain methods failed to catch but we finally sussed out what and how they wanted it and come 2pm, after starting at 7am Ian had caught 15 or more fish including tench to exactly 7lb, orfe to 6lb 4oz and the only golden tench in the lake.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Turning my hand to carp.....

Making the switch to carp!I've been talking about simplifying my personal angling and turning my hand to carp fishing as I can simply arrive, find some fish, cast out and hopefully with a bit of thought catch a few carp whilst being able to relax. 
Thought I'd share this cracker, the best of three from last night and caught on a method that I had little confidence in, knew worked but needed to perfect! Well I think that's all changed now!
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Guided sessions to Frensham, so far.

Apologies for not having a monthly report for June but with a two week holiday and office work time on the bank has been limited.

Wet, wet, wet at Frensham.
After returning from a couple of weeks in the Dominican Republic I was hoping to top the tan up however the English weather had other ideas and my first guided trip back to Frensham Great Pond coincided with the first rains for weeks. Lewis bravely agreed to keep with our plans and brave the weather forecast and was rewarded with this fine tench, a perch plus two rudd that didn't quite make the two pound barrier. Close but no cigar as they say but there is still plenty of time to increase his best of 2lb 2oz caught with me last year.

7lb 2oz Frensham tench to customer.
By all accounts the fishing at Frensham has been a bit 'hit and miss' this year with the tench spawning on opening and really not getting their heads down since. My latest guided session saw Barrie setting his stall out for tench and with a nice westerly pushing into our faces and cloud cover above things looked great for a hectic session. Yet, as it is so often with Frensham the fish had other ideas and even though we worked hard, ringing the changes and constantly casting the bumper call never materialized yet our efforts were rewarded with four big tench the best not far off Barrie's personal best at 7lb 2oz.

If you fancy a guided trip for tench or rudd at this fantastic venue then why not email me - duncancharman@me.com for availability and prices.