Thursday, 11 August 2016

Frensham Video - now available to view

Last month you may remember that I promised a video of myself and Paul Garner fishing Frensham Great Pond and how successful it was. Well its now available to view by going to the Nash Tackle You Tube page. In less than 24 hrs its already received almost 5000 views so if you fish the venue or are thinking off heading that way then you would do worse than taking a look as it reveals many of the tactics needed to tackle the lake successfully.
Enjoy and please share it with your friends,

Friday, 5 August 2016

Who said Frensham Great Pond isn't fishing well?

Who said Frensham Great Pond isn't fishing well?
Readers will remember that one of my customers left his rods in the car park at Enton only for someone to steal them, well the bad news is they haven't turned up, yet, the good news was that a day spent with me at Frensham Great Pond went someway in putting a smile back on his face as the venues fishing god looked down on us and delivered a 9hr session that not only put a smile on our faces but also one we wouldn't forget in a hurry.
Starting at 6am I took a gamble and fished the lake in a totally new way, one that my good friend Paul Garner used in our soon to be released video with Carl and Alex. Straight away it worked as just ten minutes after casting out the first bite came. The bites then continued all day in which John broke his personal best tench best of 6lb three times, its now 6lb 12oz! The catch image shown is just part of his memorable haul and day with me.
If you fancy such a day then why not email m