Monday, 13 August 2012

Tackle Review – Monday 13th August.

Each week lm going to start reviewing items of tackle that l feel have ether revolutionised my fishing or have helped me catch more fish during a session. These products will be ones that l have complete faith in and would highly recommend any angler buying and although these items of kit will cover a wide spectrum of angling and manufacturers, its only fair that l start with something from my sponsors Korum.

Although l have tried numerous sized pit reels in my time, the ones that have lasted longest and l have had faith in, up until now, have been Shimano Biomasters. Not too big and with a silky smooth clutch that could be adjusted in just a couple of clicks of the front drag. These reels accompanied me on all my Thames carp sessions as l needed a reel that would put me in complete control of a fish, once hooked, literally within a split second.
Many models were given to me to test, yet all had front drags that needed so many turns to make a difference in the tension that they were binned. This is what l hated most about this type of reel and why the Biomasters stayed put, however these did have a problem, and that was line getting behind the spools.
When Korum sent me a pair of their new KZR Mini Pit 6000 l have to admit l was expecting yet another reel with excessive clutch control, however how wrong was l, as these were even better than the Biomasters. Not only did they look stunning but they only needed a slight adjustment of the dial on the front drag to alter the clutch’s tension, and with the problem of line behind the spool almost eliminated, a fantastic line lay and a clutch that felt silky smooth, l have to say l was instantly converted.

RRP £120, yet online you will find these for less than £100.

If you want to check out the specification of this reel in more depth then take a look at Korum’s website –   

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