Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Gold Valley may not be the most idyllic of venues but it’s a fantastic one to learn and perfect new methods and techniques.

Today was all about learning, however it was just a shame that more anglers, especially youngsters weren’t interested in my affordable teaching days, maybe l didn’t advertise these heavily enough or maybe most youngsters are into carp fishing nowadays. Two anglers that did take advantage of the day were Martin Farmer and Ron Jackson and both left with plenty to think about.
Ron was with me for the first time and learnt how effective the groundbait-lead is taking numerous carp, bream and crucian carp throughout the day and on leaving couldn’t wait to take the tactic to his local lake. I await his results but lm pretty sure he will take the place apart.
Here are a few words from Ron…
Hi Duncan. Thank you very much for my day of outstanding instruction, demonstration and fishing experience. I am sorry l felt to tired to try the pellet-waggler, another time perhaps. I would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to improve their fishing skills. I have written down the method you imparted to me so as not to forget. Can’t wait to take it to my local lake and will report back on my results. Thanks again and am looking forward very much to our time on the river next month.
Kind regards,

Martin is a regular and wanted a refresher on the same method, yet l know he’s a capable angler and felt that it would be a good idea to introduce him to the pellet-waggler. I could tell from just watching him that he enjoyed every minute using this active method and being a methodical angler, like myself will surely take this to other venues and catch loads.

I’m contemplating doing the same instructional days next year throughout the summer holidays. These will give anglers an introduction and basic knowledge of using the method feeder, pellet waggler and carp fishing which will include rigs, accurate casting and baiting so if you are interested then keep an eye on my website. These days will cost just £50 per angler and will be based on a maximum of six anglers each day, so if you don’t want to be disappointed then email me now and l will book you in.

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