Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No More Mosquitoes

Coghlans Anti-mosquitoes Coils.

One insect that can spoil a days fishing is the dreaded mosquitoes. A pet hate along with wasps and slugs of many an angler and one that l just won’t put up with anymore. Most anglers are happy to smear on insect repellent, yet just like filling the car up with diesel, its something l wont do as fish are said to have a million times better sense of smell/taste than us humans, so if l can smell any impurities on my hands then you bet a fish can once its been transferred onto your bait.
The solution and an alternative to using insect repellent is to carry a anti-mosi coil with you. Lighting the coil with a lighter and blowing the flame out will see the coil smoke for around eight-hours and better still they can be placed in a holder that allows them to be transported easily from swim to swim if roving or hung up in a nearby tree. You don’t even have to place them right next to you, as they will deter insects from quite a few feet.
I’m not sure if the holders are made by Coghlans but l bought mine for a few quid from Yateley Angling Centre where the coils, priced at £2.25 for ten, are also available. 

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