Monday, 27 August 2012

Sonubaits Original S-Pellets.

It’s often the case that when a company is launched and creates one of its first products, then this turns out to be the best and in my mind this is the case with Sonubaits S-Pellets.
I first tested these, well it has to be at least five years ago, and since that initial batch was sent to me have never looked back. Even after trying all the other flavours in the extensive range which include Strawberry, Monster Crab & Mussel, Hali-hookers (6mm, 8mm and 11mm) and the more recent introduced F1, Krill and Tiger Fish (6mm & 8mm), l still come back to the original S-Pellet.
Although these can be hooked directly onto the hook, banded or lassoed, l find that the texture perfect for hair-rigging, as long as the baiting needle is extremely fine.
Initially l used these to great effect when fishing Harris Lake on the Marsh Farm Complex for big bags of crucians but more recently have found them great in conjunction with the pellet waggler or when using two 8mm for barbel on the river Wye.
Nutritionally balanced these hookable pellets constantly leak an additive laced oil which pulls fish into your swim, triggering an aggressive feeding response. If you haven’t tried these then your missing out and if you have, well you’ve already have the edge.

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