Friday, 3 August 2012

Anglers Mail Action Replay - Coming soon.

Eels on Prawns.

This week has been absolutely manic as l have been out on the bank every day, sometimes burning the candle at both ends. In brief my week was as follows – Monday guiding, Tuesday to Wednesday eel fishing, Wednesday guiding, Thursday guiding and Friday guiding along with all the other bits that go with this like updating blogs, sending images to Anglers Mail along with the time consuming tackle organisation and email relying.

On Tuesday night l headed to a water that produced a couple of big eels for me the previous week to produce an Action Replay for Anglers Mail. The session went according to plan with numerous eels landed as well as a carp. If you want to see how l went about eeling in a slightly unorthodox way then make sure you buy your copy of Anglers Mail each week as it’s full of great tips and features.  

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