Tuesday 8 October 2013

The Wye Experience - Day Two

Tuesday dawned in similar fashion, humid and dull, great for fishing and with just one customer to look after, Lewis Deeks we managed to drop into both productive swims. 
The swim upstream was slowly improving, probably due to the amount of bait going in and although the size of fish was smaller than the previous day, Lewis took seven barbel from it before it went quiet. 
It was time to drop down to the bottom swim and come 6pm Lewis had taken a further eight barbel bringing his total to fifteen for the day!
We were hoping to get into the river and do some float fishing but although getting in was easy enough, getting out was a different story, however we did have a few casts from the bank and after reading how Dave Harrell backwinds tried this only to have my arm ripped of by a barbel in doing so. 
Lewis stayed at The Falcon B&B where the owner keeps some amazing birds including a pair of Great Grey Owl’s, we also saw during the day a few docile Hornets, not something you want to be stung by!

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