Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Wye Experience - Day Three

Wednesday dawned damp and knowing the upstream swim was improving dropped in another barbel virgin, Ross Booker. Once again the first cast didn’t let us down and soon Ross was admiring the first of many personal bests, a fish of 6lb 4oz.

Lewis wanted to try the float but the weather put paid to this so decided to give the bottom swim a rest and bravely headed upstream, close to the railway supports that make this beat such a famous one. Sitting comfortably on one of the salmon croys it took Lewis just two casts to latch into an angry Wye barbel, which was followed later by one weighing just over 8lb. Strangely the swim died so with Ross content and still catching in his first swim headed once more to the boundary swim where once Lewis mastered the cast took a further six barbel including a regular to the bank which weighed just over 8lb. 

Ross was well content and although the rains came, making the banks treacherous soldiered on and come 6pm had taken a remarkable ten barbel to 7lb 12oz. Stan the river keeper tells us that a pair of Otters have been seen and that some of the birds circling above are Swallows, some of which are nesting and are still rearing young!

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