Friday, 25 October 2013

Product of the week - Nash Indulgence Nomad Ultra-lite Chair - RRP £88.

The other week I met an angler on the banks of the river Wye who asked if I could stop fishing on my knees, well although this will continue on what I call quick-fire mobile barbel sessions, when it comes to longer sessions targeting big river roach and perch I will in future be tacking a chair with me.
One of the main reasons for not taking a chair on such sessions in the past is just not finding one that was light enough. I exhausted myself with trying to request what I consider a chair for the roving angler with my last sponsor, one that’s not only light but has four adjustable legs and apart from getting myself of the ground, there really nothing else that a roving river angler needs. When I say four adjusting legs, I mean each leg should be able to adjust in height independently, yet just as important is that the framework containing the back and front legs need to fold down neatly to the chair as this allows steep banks to be fished, all you do is not use the back legs at all, something that many chairs classified as roving chairs don’t allow.
As you can imagine when I received a Nash Indulgence Nomad Ulta-lite chair in the post I was sceptical, yet after a quick look I have to say I was well impressed as it not only had everything I wanted but more. Comfort was one added benefit, usually something that comes at a cost in weight, yet this chair has a removable padded seat as well as a zipped back pocket that contains a carry strap. Even with these items added the chair only weighs 4kg, yet it’s the small things that sometimes make a product for me and it was the two Velcro’s straps that stop the chair opening up in transit that really made it for me. Made from aero grade aluminium this chair isn’t just light and comfy but strong so if you do indulge yourself, expect it to last many years of service.

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