Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wye Experience

Day Three.
After a full English breakfast we were met by Pav who would be joining Alan for the day. Arriving at the river in once again bright sunshine, it was obvious that the river was dropping and the colour from Monday had rapidly disappeared. A strong, chilly easterly wind was also blowing and my thoughts were that this could kill the sport, yet l needn’t have worried.
Pav was only with us for the day, whilst Alan had booked a mini holiday and would be staying till the end of the week, so we agreed to let Pav have the banker swim whilst Alan headed upstream, starting where Jake had fished the day before.
Alan initially started were Jake fished the day before but only managed one small barbel so feeling that the fish may have dropped downstream moved a hundred yards or so and was soon bent into a fish. Come 7.45pm he had landed a further five barbel to 7lb 4oz which included a brace right at the end.  

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