Thursday, 13 September 2012

product review

Korum Xpert Power Hooks.

When Korum informed me that they were to discontinue the S3 range of hooks l was gutted, as l have had absolute faith in these for all my specimen angling, especially barbel.
Fortunately whilst at a Korum product meeting most of the other consultants had the same feeling, so it was agreed that we needed to create a hook similar to the S3. Whilst these were in production l stocked up on S3, especially size 10 and 8 as rarely does a superseded hook match the former, yet l needn’t have bothered as when a packet of the new Xpert Power came through the post l was instantly impressed. These new hooks still had the same in-turned beaked point, wide gape, short shank, non glare qualities and most importantly the razor sharp chemically sharpened point. Available in both barbed and barbless, through a size range from 16 to 6 (slightly oversized) they are as good, if not better, and once again l can fish with total confidence that my hook is as good as it gets.

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