Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gardner Crash Bag

Gardner 3 season Crash Bag.
The problem with most sleeping bags is without a doubt the quality of the zips, usually breaking or the bag splitting within a few months, however l have been using a Gardner Crash Bag now for over two years and have had absolutely no problems what so ever, and if you take into consideration the amount of times lm out on the bank and having to quickly rip the zip apart to get out, then you would have thought it would have let me down a long time ago, but you would be wrong.
Made from a single layer Hollow-Fill fibre this sleeping bag keeps me warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm, so grabbing a few hours in bright sunshine after a hectic night is possible. It’s also extremely lightweight weighing just 1.8kg and thin enough to leave within my folded bedchair and the polyester material doesn’t stick to my clothes or body. The zips on both sides work two-way and have guards plus easy to locate cords and Velcro retainers to enable a quick exit when needed. Being cocoon shaped it retains heat and the draw cord around the hood reduces heat loss and the shoulder and zip baffles eliminate draughts.
Although only classified as a three season bag, l have fished through some very chilly nights, rarely having to add a fleece over-wrap to it. All in all a great product, one that will last and one l highly recommend.
Cost £39.99
Trial period – two years plus.

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