Saturday 10 August 2013

Winge of the Week - Human and dog shit!

I was shocked this week, not for the first time I might say, when lying right next to one of the most popular swims at Stanford End was a human turd! It was during a FAS barbel teach-in when anglers new to barbel fishing attend, some who have never caught a barbel and need an introduction to river fishing, yet after seeing this it’s enough for them to avoid these popular stretches at all cost. We all get caught short from time to time, it’s unavoidable, yet dropping one in a swim and leaving it there is inexcusable. What the hell was this angler thinking about? So if it was you that dropped one in the Jungle last week, then shame on you, you are a disgrace to all anglers.
Dog shit is something else I can’t stand and once again it’s not the dog that’s to blame but the owner. I often take my girlfriends parents dog for a walk around Frensham Small Pond, a very popular venue with dog walkers and once again was shocked at the number of tied plastic bags that were just thrown in the hedges or tied to branches of trees! I heard of Christmas trees but some tries can only be described as turd trees. Once again, what the hell is the owner thinking? Does a National Trust shit collector do a daily round, no, and if you are going to take the trouble of placing it in a bag, then why don’t they take it home and discard it in the right way.  

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