Saturday, 10 August 2013

Product of the week - Old Ghost Bait Sticks

Edges in angling are difficult to find these days, especially when it comes to bait yet Old Ghost’s innovative minds certainly look like they are going to take this countries specimen and match anglers by storm and their sausage sticks look to be a real winner. Coming in four flavours, Snail, Bloodworm, Corn and Squid, these bait sticks have a unique textured making them amazingly versatile. I was lucky to get my hands on a few of these a while ago and last week simply punched small pieces of the bloodworm stick and hair rigged these along with a small buoyant piece of corn to literally take GAS Broadwater apart. Later in the week I had a customer try a piece of the Squid stick and was soon into his first ever Loddon barbel. Available now in most tackle shops. Be the first to use these and give the barbel something they haven’t seen before! Singular sticks £1 or a pack of five for £4.50.  

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