Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A pike trip planned to the river Wye with my good friend Chris was understandably postponed due to the flooding, so knowing most other venues would be hard due to this we decided to head to Old Bury Hill in the hope of a few runs.

Dad was also joining us so meeting up early afternoon we made our way up the long bank, once again in the rain. As expected sport was slow up until dusk and apart from one run that l missed things didn’t look good, yet the switch we were hoping to be triggered happened and in a short flurry of action Chris managed two zeds which included a new personal best of exactly 10lb, dad also managed two, yet fishing in a new swim l was still to get of the mark. Casting every half an hour with fresh baits normally gets some action and at around 7pm another short feeding spell bought me two zeds, the best around 7lb plus a double figured mirror. Dad also managed two more zeds and not to be beaten a common weighing 17lb 15oz. Chris’s swim had strangely died and as usual it looked like dad was going to show us youngsters how it was done, however when we decided to call it a day at 9pm both my rods went of and with two more zeds in the net, the best 7lb 13oz it bought our scores level.

Although the fishing wasn’t hectic it was a really enjoyable evening with plenty of light hearted banter plus a few fish, how fishing should be.

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