Friday, 2 November 2012

Vampire fish on Halloween

Halloween was a typical moody night and the full moon that appeared momentarily between the rain laden clouds that raced through the night sky on a brisk wind only heightened our spooky feelings.
Zander, or as we called them vampire fish for the night were our target and with three anglers that had never seen, let alone caught one, expectations were high. Obviously we were on the banks of the best day ticket zander venue in the country Old Bury Hill and with the permission to stay late and conditions what seemed perfect we set our traps.
Sardine sections hair-rigged next to a barbless size six hook were cast out, no more than twenty yards and we sat back awaiting the switch to be struck. James was of the mark first with a small pike, yet we had to wait till dusk before the bobbins began to twitch. I’m not sure who landed the first zander as all of a sudden runs were coming all over the place and in a hectic couple of hours the trio had taken their fare share, however once again this was from fish up to around six pound. Andy then found himself attached to a much more powerful fish which turned out to be a carp weighing 14lb 12oz. Just as this was returned Adrian also landed a carp, slightly smaller at 12lb 13oz. Things then as expected quietened down with just the odd run coming, however it was young James who landed the best zander of the night which weighed 7lb 7oz. With the runs slowing and the heavy rain that was forecasted beginning to fall we headed home, the trio taking around fifteen fish between them.

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