Friday, 2 November 2012

A right run-around

Personal best Carp on a sardine!
Mark had read about how carp get caught on sardine section at Old Bury Hill whilst targeting zander and although he believed this, he actually wanted to see if it was possible. Mark has fished Old Bury Hill many a time in the past but had never caught a carp from it, let alone a zander, so it seemed a good idea to see if we could edge our bets and target both.

Unfortunately the conditions were terrible. Loads of cold overnight rain had entered the lake and coupled with a clear sky revealing a full moon, a cold North West wind, atmospherics rising and temperatures dropping down to just 2.5 degrees, things looked bleak, especially when the feeding spell arrived and the fireworks of the previous evening failed to materialise. Even on the cruellest of conditions, a few zander show, yet this was the first ever evening when the lake fell dead, that was apart from one hungry carp that picked up Marks sardine section and gave him an enjoyable run-around on scaled down balanced tackle. In the net she went and on the scales gave a reading of 17lb 9oz a new personal best for him. Well happy with the result we continued well into the evening, even with me casting a couple of rods out to give Mark a better chance but apart from a fast take that was missed, probably a carp, the zander decided to go on hunger strike.
Although beaten on the zander front, Mark left a very happy man and with a return visit planned in a few weeks, we will be back for revenge.

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