Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Massive crucian drops in the net!

Unexpected and very welcome!
Anyone who has bought the Anglers Mail this week would have noticed this unexpected but welcome crucian that I caught a couple of weeks ago. I also mentioned this in my monthly blog as a Drennan/Fox, or should that now be Drennan/Korum fish, so all is now revealed, well that’s apart from the venue, yet I have given everyone a clue which is more than what most specimen secret squirrels out there reveal.
It was taken whilst targeting carp on a Godalming Angling Society venue and took a liking to a small piece of punched 8mm hot peperami along with a small buoyant sight stop. It also came to scaling down rigs, which contrary to what some say, does catch you more fish especially shy biting rare ones like this. My rigs consisted of a size 12 barbless hook attached knotless knot style to a short length of the new Nash Combi-link. A 1.5oz inline lead finished the set up and was cast around 40 yards using 9ft Nash 2.75lb t/c Scope rods. Adding to this winning combination, one that produced a number of other carp was the addition of Nash 2mm Ballmaker Tandoori Spice pellets pressed around the lead.
If you want to know much more about the crucians at G.A.S venues then theirs lots in my book ‘Evolution of an Angler’ that can be purchased from Calm Productions –  

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