Thursday 19 June 2014

Getting to grips with the cats.

Getting to grips with the cats.
Well since the visit to Badshot Lea when young Jake took his biggest UK fish, a 37lb 6oz cat myself and Chris have returned twice and on both occasions caught plenty of cats, grass carp along with the occasional mirror.
Many mistakes have been made since our first exploratory session when the bait boat ran out of batteries twice in the middle of the lake, yet now I think we have got it off to a tee and know exactly how to bait, where to place our rigs and how to get the rods rattling off when things go quiet.
The first session saw us setting up in the same swims as before and although we didn’t arrive till quite late it only took Chris ten minutes to put the first fish on the bank, a cat of around 10lb. Things then went quiet till midnight but a couple of hours of activity saw rods ripping off in all directions resulting in a cat of 22lb 12oz, a grass carp of 17lb 12oz plus a double figured mirror to myself and two grass carp weighing 17lb 2oz and 21lb 2oz to Chris along with a lost fish. Having fished all day at Newdigate Fishery the day before I was totally knackered and didn’t recast after this yet Chris bravely reset his rods but come the 5am pack up hadn’t received anymore action.
The following week we were back yet the swims we wanted were taken so we headed for a new area. Chris placed his two rods well out, while I decided to place one close in where lots of carp were showing as well as refining the rig slightly. That rod didn’t produce but at 11am I took a cat of 18lb 8oz. Chris saw four runs come, all on the same rod and all soon after recasting which resulted in two cats of 21lb 2oz and 17lb along with a double figured mirror and a lost fish. Another two runs, well massive drop backs, probably from grass carp came later on and once again the 5am alarm saw us depart happy anglers.
All our sessions have fallen on nights when conditions haven’t been favourable, nights when very few, if any other fish have been caught around the lake and taking into consideration we are only fishing short sessions, 9pm – 5am we are more than happy with our results so far.
Once again a couple of massive mistakes were made on our last trip, firstly from myself trying the inside line that has now on a couple of occasions failed along with leaving the rods out far too long, only to wind in with no bait on! Learning from these mistakes has now resulted in us knowing exactly how to go about our next session, one that can’t come quick enough, and we both know that when we finally get the conditions right its going to be absolute carnage and who knows it’s about time that one of the big cats saw our nets.

If you fancy a night at Badshot Lea fishing for cats and grass carp then let me know (email – and we will pencil a date or two in the diary and don’t worry if you haven’t got the gear like powerful rods, oval umbrella and bedchair as these can be supplied.

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