Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Product of the Week - Shimano 4000FA Baitrunner DL RRP £89.99

Why I never bit the bullet previously and bought new Shimano reels I don’t know, actually I do, I was made to use inadequate a poor quality reels from my previous sponsors! Fortunately my new sponsor Nash doesn’t do reels so I can now return to what I consider the most reliable reels on the market, Shimano.
I remember as a young angler, using Mitchell reels which I replaced with Shimano reels and with the baitrunner facility found they simply revolutionised my angling. I still have my first Shimano reels and they still work, however engineering, especially the production of gears and bearings have come on leaps and bounds and having no sponsor restraints have just bought myself three Shimano DL 4000FA. They feature my preferred double handle along with providing immaculate line lay, a smooth reliable clutch and something I look for in a reel, a line clip that actually works and one that doesn’t damage the line. The other great thing about these reels is they are affordable and if you shop around you should be able to pick these up for around £65 which brings them into line with companies not normally associated with reels, yet ones that are trying to fool anglers into buying a far superior alternative! I have always said if you wanted to buy a bike then you would be looking for one with Shimano gears, need I say more and if you look after then, give them a yearly service then they will probably last you a lifetime!

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