Thursday, 5 July 2012

June - What's been happening?

It’s only fair that l bring readers up to date with what l have been up to and apologise for the lack of blog entries. The change to the format had to be made due to web hosting problems, something that took slightly longer than l would have liked and by the time it was sorted l found myself with just a couple of days spare before flying out to the Dominican Republic for a much needed holiday.
To be honest, apart from casting a line in the Caribbean Ocean on a couple of occasions, l never fished for myself in the whole of June, this was due to spending the first week, burning the midnight oil completing the bulk of the chapters for my book. Twenty nine chapters were sent to Calm Productions the day before flying out, for proof reading. Apart from the final chapter, ‘what lm up to now’ along with acknowledgements, thinking of a title and a short but detailed section on myself, every thing should be completed by the end of this month, which will allow the publishers plenty of time to get the book printed and ready for publishing later this year. As soon as l have the release date, as well as details on its launch then l will let you know.
As mentioned l needed a serious holiday and spent two weeks on an all-inclusive break in the Dominican Republic. My last holiday to the Caribbean was a nightmare, as just two days in l went down with food poisoning, losing nearly two stone and still suffering for a couple of weeks when l returned home. I was somewhat apprehensive to return, but l can honestly say that it was the best holiday l have ever had. We stayed at ‘The Ocean Blue Sands Hotel’ which l highly recommend. Not only was the complex spotless and friendly, but the food, accommodation and weather fantastic, and along the way we meet some great people, a couple being anglers which l intend to meet up with soon. I did cast a line in the Caribbean, and caught, but unfortunately cant report and mega Barracuda or Jacks, just a few small fish that looked like Bone Fish but with mouths like Grayling. I might have lost nearly two stone in Cuba but l think I’ve put on two stone in the Dominican! The only down side was that just before leaving l picked up an ear infection, probably due to spending to much time in the swimming pool, so for the next week lm on penicillin to try and get this sorted.
Back home it didn’t take long to feel like l needed another holiday, what with the weather, as well as the pile of paperwork that had piled up, along with a wedding photo shoot that was taken the weekend before flying out that needed completing.
You will see from the blog entries that l did manage to get out to my second home, Frensham Great Pond, on a guiding night. It was far from easy but l did catch a couple of fish on a sleeper rod that my customer was happy for me to cast out. The only downside to the session was that my Waders leaked so I’ve just painted them with Thompson Water Sealant, something that l have used for years on my Oval Umbrellas, but whether it works on Waders is yet to be found out. Tonight l will know!
It’s now the 5th July and l can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and although l still have loads to complete, l can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and intend to play catch up very soon on the fishing that l have lost.

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