Monday, 4 December 2017

It really doesn't get much better!

Perch goldmine.
I did say that I might have fallen on my feet of late. Arrived at the river at 7.30 and come 11.30am I was on my way home well happy with a roving session for perch on a different beat of the same river that's been producing of late.
A couple of things that I have noticed is that now the cold weather has arrived, when you get a bite its from a big perch, two-pound plus, unlike a couple of months ago when lots of smaller fish were around,  a bit like rudd fishing at Frensham really! The other thing is if a perch is in the swim then expect a bite almost immediately and don't leave the swim after one fish as the chances of two, even three are high.
If you fancy a guiding session then email me for prices and availability -
Don't leave it too long as I'm onto something here and am willing to share tactics and venue and some fantastic fishing.
There is still time to get a guiding day voucher for Christmas, just get the other half to get in touch!

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