Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Dad's a happy man.....

Dad's a happy man!

With the weather unseasonably warm and the perch fishing of late so good thought it only fare to take my 86 year old dad out to see if he too could bag himself a few fish. Arriving at the river at 8.30am I made him walk the best part of a mile, yet seconds after casting out he found himself bent into a good perch which unfortunately shed the hook. Almost speechless at the sheer speed in which the bite came he made another cast and was soon looking at his fish big perch which was soon followed by another slightly smaller specimen. Not wanting to exhaust the swim we headed further downstream and once again seconds after the float landing he was again into a good perch which again shed the hook, however he made no mistakes with the next bite and was once again smiling with his second specimen perch. Back in the first swim another cast was made and once again an instant bite was forth coming which resulted in a new river personal best. Exhausted of bait so quickly we were back at the car come 11am both smiling like Cheshire cats!

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