Saturday, 4 November 2017

November - Time for perch....

Perch time.
The first frosts have arrived and at last the summer species can be placed on the back burner and winter species such as perch come into the limelight.
First session was really a bit of a experimental recce trip and although things looked promising catching from the bank was impossible and the need to get afloat became very apparent when we watched as a couple of anglers bagged not perch but a dozen pike from areas we just couldn't reach. Measures have already been put in place and it wont be long before we too can get to these spots and reap the benefits.
Second trip was to a commercial in West Sussex and we couldn't have picked a worse day as the fog didn't lift till around 1pm and it was cold, bitterly cold and then when the fog did lift we were left with a blue cloudless sky and air pressure on 1020mb. Both Chris and myself fished really hard, trying different methods and moving around and after a hard day we were rewarded with a number of two pound perch.
If you fancy a days guiding for perch then why not email me -

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