Friday, 23 December 2016

Two days on the River

Two days on the River.
Have spent the last two days on the river. Yesterday was guiding Barrie who wanted to learn the art of trotting a stick float. Venue was the Blackwater but a heavy frost, the first for a while and a very low and clear river meant that the fish were shoaled up and many of the usual fish holding spots were either barren of fish or all that was obliging were chub. In total Barrie, not only learnt how to control a float but also caught five chub to 3lb 13oz, a dozen or so roach to 1lb 4oz plus the odd dace and perch all on bread discs.
Today I grabbed just a couple of hours with my good friend Tom. With other anglers on the river and having to work around these along with a cold clear river it was never going to be easy. We were also on a stretch thats hard but does have a few big chub about and fortunately Tom tempted the only bite which produced this stunner weighing 5lb 3oz.

Happy Christmas everyone,
catch up in the New Year...

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