Saturday, 26 July 2014

Product review - Sterling Northolt Aerial Centrepin

Product review…


Reviewed by Duncan Charman
Trial period – 3 months

Coming from an engineering background I can spot quality craftsmanship instantly and as soon as I lifted this centrepin from its box it oozed quality, in fact it was literally dripping the stuff!
To the eye it’s stunning, set in black and beautifully engraved and serial numbered with superb nickel silver and stainless steel components. Built from aerospace aluminium and hard anodised ensures an exceptional high level of hardness and abrasion resistance, materials and processes that create a product designed to last a lifetime, yet what else would you expect from a product made in the UK!
Built to stringent quality standards inherent of all Sterling products and the high tech manufacturing used this traditionally crafted reel weighs in at a balanced 275grams and has a diameter of 4.5” along with a spool width of 0.56”.
Like all quality products this centrepin did need to bed in and after a few sessions turned effortlessly as I trotted a float downstream for shy biting dace. I was also tempted to put the centrepin through its paces at a local lake for big crucians, managing to take a couple on a difficult day to a shade over three pounds and can’t wait to tempt a float caught barbel using it and as for trotting a stick float for grayling, well roll on the autumn.
All in all this centrepin is exceptional, faultless, manufactured to the highest quality and with attention to detail that’s unquestionable.   

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