Monday, 23 December 2013

January edition of Coarse Angling Today out on the 27th December.

January edition of Coarse Angling Today

Anyone not familiar with CAT (Coarse Angling Today) need to get a copy of this monthly magazine as its filled with great content and features including Part 4 of my series title – Approaching tench on a new venue.
I’ve been lucky enough to receive a copy well in advance and I was particularly interested in the HOTSEAT answers. To be honest when I started reading the answers I thought that I must have read the question incorrectly, yet I hadn’t. The answers just show a massive divide, and how some anglers are so selfish and single minded and are only worried what goes in their landing net, yet others, mainly us older mature anglers feel that the tackle shops and firms that provide what is needed to catch these fish are of up most importance as well as getting kids into our wonderful sport!

It’s all well and good being ambitious and having goals but if the arse falls out from beneath us and you can’t buy maggots, boilies or pellets to catch those lovely big fish, then, well, you will know what it felt like when I was a youngster!

There’s a bigger picture when it comes to ‘The world of Angling’ and we all need to look at it in a much broader way.

Get your copy now!

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  1. Duncan, I couldn't agree with you more on that, the single-minded approach by a minority of anglers it has to be said is unhealthy, it is almost like that have totally forgot what angling is really about, I hope things change and for the better, what happened to thinking outside the box. Merry Christmas too and tight lines. James.