Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Book now and get a £60 Nash goodie bag for just £15!

Book now and get a £60 Nash goodie bag for just £15!

I have been asked by many an angler just how much on average a one-to-one guided day costs and what it involves.

Below is what a day with myself consists off -
  • Session last up to 10hrs.
  • Tickets to venue.
  • All bait & terminal tackle (rigs etc) – most anglers want to use their own rods and reels but mine can be used if needed. If using your own l will advise on the rods, mainline strength etc prior to our day out.
  • Rig explanation.
  • General watercraft.
  • Your questions answered all day.
  • Photographs of your catches plus general shots throughout day, all supplied on disc.
  • Specimen fish entered into competitions and sent to weekly magazines.
  • Blog entry of days event on personal website - www.duncancharman.co.uk
  • Get a Nash goodie bag worth over £60 for just £15 extra when booking this spring. Goodie bags are designed so that you can return and put into practice what you have learnt and are for a limited period only.
Approximate cost of a full one-on-one guided day is £125.

If you want to learn a specific tactic or target a certain species just give me a call or email me and I will find a suitable venue for our day out. For further information call me on 07928 617006 / 01252 315271 or email me duncancharman@me.com

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