Friday, 12 July 2013

Winge of the week - livebait

I for one am all for protecting and using our local tackle shops and will try my hardest to buy items of kit from them before using the internet. We might get an item slightly cheaper on the net, yet there is always the chance of credit card fraud in doing so. Another advantage of using a tackle shop is if something goes wrong they will either replace the item or give you your money back. In fact some tackle shops wont stock items that constantly need replacing, its just more work and cost to them, so usually when buying a product you can rest assured its not one that has a track issue with reliability.
Unfortunately some shops let themselves down with the quality of live bait, by this I mean maggots and worms. As a customer you have the right to look at your bait and refuse to buy this if it looks past its use by date. I for one have been caught on more than one occasion, usually when I’m in a rush, only to open up a tub of worms on the bank to find them dead or go to use the maggots that they have half turned to casters. It only takes one bad encounter for a customer to bypass buying bait from a shop, in fact even going to that shop, so there is a lesson for both parties here, stock only top quality bait and refuse it if it doesn’t look good!

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