Monday 8 July 2013

Product of the Week.

Coglans Mosquito coil holder and Gelert repellent coils.
Its that time of the year when if sleeping outside getting inside a sleeping bag due to the baking heat isn’t an option, however if mosquitoes are around this will only lead to an uncomfortable night under the stars.
I’m one of those people that insects seem to love to bite and can’t stand the buzz of midges around my head when trying to relax. Slapping insect repellent all over my body isn’t an option as this will taint my hookbait leading to confidence lost in bait presentation and inevitably a fishless night.
There is an answer though, Mosquito repellent slow burning coils. These are cheap, around a couple of quid for a packet of ten and although can be placed on the small metal holder that they come with, are best place in a coil holder which cost around £5. Simply set light to a coil, then blow the flame out, place in the holder and position in your swim, but beware, they don’t need to be positioned right under your bedchair as the vapour can make you very heady so place a few feet away.

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