Saturday, 27 October 2012

Big Barbel and Book Launch

Many will be aware that for the last year l have been dedicated much of my time to writing a book. Well, whilst roving around the river, searching for big barbel on Thursday l received the call informing me that the final colour proofs had been delivered that morning. I had roved the river for nearly seven hours without the slightest sign of life, yet a swim that used to produce lots of fish drew me too it. After a quick lead around l was surprised to find it relatively clear, more often than not getting a solid thud as the lead hit clean gravel. This was a result in its own and although this commotion may well have spooked anything within l still had to drop ‘the pellet-lead’ in for half an hour. With itchy feet, as l knew l had a serious job of proofing to do, l watched the tip and after twenty minutes l was sure l noticed something fishy but wasn’t completely convinced. Then two sharp taps revealed that the swim once again held fish, and although l left before the tip pulled round, l had a feeling that this sign would repay me very soon.
Back at home l collected the proofs and started the tireless job of running my eye over the proofs; however it was more a case of careful proofing. This job took the whole of Friday; a total of sixteen hours and l finally signed the final chapter of in the early hours of Saturday. Well there’s no more l can do but sit back and leave this to the publishing company (Calm Productions) to press the button an get it ready, hopefully for a launch at the Carp Society Show at Sandown Park on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of December. There will also be a book signing open day at Yateley Angling Centre which has been pencilled in for Saturday December 15th.
As long as everything goes to plan these dates should be good, yet l will keep you informed over the next couple of weeks and confirm these in more details as soon as l have had the thumbs up.

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