Monday, 27 February 2017

Chub on the feed.

Chub on the feed.

Getting out for myself of late has been difficult of late due to a new job that has taken up much of my time, yet a couple of days guiding did sort of give me my angling fix. The first was whilst storm Doris blew and luckily a change in tactics saw four three-foot twitch bites come Chas's way producing three personal best chub, the best 5lb 9oz.
The following day we moved river in the hope of some quality roach on trotted bread punch but although the roach weren't as cooperative as expected the chub were with fish to nearly 4lb falling. His cousin Jay joined us and using a more specialist approach took four good chub, again just shy of 4lb.

If you fancy a days chubbing then time is running out but I still
have a couple of days free.

Email me at or call me 07928 617006.

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