Thursday, 2 July 2015

Looking to upgrade your bite alarms and receiver? Well look no further!

Looking to upgrade your bite alarms and receiver? Well look no further!


When Kevin Nash turned his innovative mind to designing bite alarms the carp world waited in anticipation, and they were not to be disappointed.

I believe my very best advancements in carp tackle all have one common factor – they were designed on the bank, at the sharp end of the sport. Hard time and rod hours offer an insight into tackle and its inherent flaws that board meetings or design briefs won’t ever compete with. There is nothing that drives me on more to produce the very best than experiencing the inadequacy of existing products whilst out there doing it.
After years of being let down by bite alarms I was determined to design out the flaws. The critical fault of all alarms was for me the most obvious – true indication, or rather lack of it. I was driven mad that when confronted with extreme weather, weed or undertow interference I could never be certain how significant an alarm sounding really was. A rigged up carp nudging the lead and about to throw the hook? Or just a false indication to be ignored? If you back off the sensitivity the alarm is no longer sensitive enough to detect that crucial indication from a rigged up carp.
Then there was hockey sticks coming loose and swivelling around on banksticks or buzz bars, rods flying off the heads – only solved by ugly and cumbersome snag bar accessories, alarms that failed in the rain and remotes that ceased to function with rods just yards away in a dugout swim. The list went on and on.
The black art of translating the potential of cutting edge micro-electronics and telecommunications expertise to provide a solution to these problems has been for a long journey. But I am delighted that the Siren range of alarms, with the new flagship R3, fulfils my wish list beyond my wildest dreams with the S5R AND S5 providing previously unthinkable technology and quality at their price points.’

If the man himself has written such great things about these alarms then they have to be something special!

Siren S3
When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. Setting new standards, The R3’s Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening in your swim. Step into the future.
A revolutionary advancement based on change of speed in line movement, the new Siren S3 with Intelligent Sensing means an end to irritating bleeps from wind, undertow, even variable current in flowing waters.
The Siren S3 sounds only to alert you to fish activity in a swim. No longer will bobbin creep disturb you in the early hours when conditions change or weed builds up on your line. No longer will there be any doubt or dismissal over unexplained bleeps.
The best in sensing is combined with market leading remote performance, vastly exceeding the competition. Whilst we would never encourage people to take advantage of the R3’s 4oo metre plus extreme range capability, the strength of radio signal becomes critical when rods are not in a clear line of sight such as a dugout swim or when surrounded by dense foliage.
Whatever the nature of the swim, its surroundings or obstacles that block weaker signals the R3 will outperform all others. The Siren R3 is a revolution – connecting angler and carp like never before possible. Put simply, Intelligent Sensing alerts you on a Need to Know basis.

  • Patented sensitivity control utilising microchip Intelligent Sensing
  • Market leading remote performance – independently verified
  • One touch mute function
  • High impact casing with gasket seals to maximise waterproofing
  • 3/8th BST stainless steel thread with stay-lock compression collar
  • High output adjustable volume and variable tone
  • Ultra high-vis pulsing latching LED
  • Integrated line guard
  • Pulsing fibre optic output for Nash Siren Optic indicators
  • Integrated removable rubberised snag ears
  • Blue, red, green or white LED’s
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Low battery life alert
  • Supplied with protective PVC case
  • Powered by 1 x CR2 – 3V battery (not included, pack of 5 £3.99)

RRP £109.99

The R3 Receiver precisely replicates the R3’s Intelligent Sensing – offering exact tone reproduction bleep for bleep even in difficult swims or around obstacles that cripple inferior remote systems. Testing to in excess of 400 metres, you can be sure the signal between your alarms and the R3 remote cannot readily be compromised.

Specifications –
  • Market leading remote performance – independently verified
  • Exact alarm tone reproduction
  • Four channel one touch pairing with R3 heads
  • Additional fifth channel programme in friends alarms (up to 32)
  • High impact soft touch case with gasket seals to maximise waterproofing
  • Anti-theft warning alarm
  • Adjustable volumes
  • Vibration and mute functions
  • Supplied with four colour lens option pack allowing receiver to be customised to match any head LED colour combination
  • Lanyard and karabiner included
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Low battery life alert
  • Powered by 1 x CR123A – 3V battery (not included, pack of 5 £3.99)

RRP £129.99

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