Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nash Baits Salted Mini Mix - The ultimate small seed spod mix

Nash Baits Salted Mini Mix - The ultimate small seed spod mix
If there is an edge this season when it comes to catching specimen rudd from Frensham Great Pond then it has to be down to using Salted Mini Mix. Small perch and rudd have become an absolute nightmare and seem to leave you with a bare hook just seconds after casting out. I’ve always worked on the principle that when my maggots are eaten then they are probably the last in the swim, so if these nuisance fish are literally hanging themselves just seconds after casting out just think what’s happening g to all those expensive freebies that are being spodded out?
When maggots become a non-starter then it’s time for a rethink and that’s exactly why l started spodding this mix out, something that would keep not just the small fish happy but leak enough attractants into the water to attract the bigger fish. Rudd struggle to pick a bait up of the bottom so by popping up my bait puts it in direct eye sight of any rudd and by using either rubber maggots or a small yellow pop-up I’ve been able to keep a bait in the water and when a bite does come, it’s usually from what I’m after, a big rudd.
Nash Baits Salted Mini Mix is a blend of Tares, Black Rapeseed, Red and White Dari, Sunflower Hearts, White and Red Millet and finest grade Hemp that’s been cooked with rock salt to enhance its natural attraction and encourage aggressive feeding not just from carp but rudd and other species. There are no additives, just pure freshness from the finest quality particles possible.
Supplied in sealed high strength 2.5kg bags this bait really does increase your catch rate and is an edge that all angers should have.
The full range consists off – Salted Mega Mix (£8.99), Salted Mini Mix (£8.99), Slicker Hemp (£8.99), Slicker Spiced Hemp (£8.99), Mixed Candy Tigers (£9.99) and Tiger Nut Slush (£10.99).

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