Friday, 21 August 2015

An edge to Plastic Fantastic.

An edge to Plastic Fantastic.
If someone asked me twelve months ago, could I cast a rig out with just a piece of plastic as bait, I would have said no! Fast forward to the present day and the answer would be completely different (thanks Neil) as this year has seen plastic out fish traditional baits on not all but quite a few occasions.
I was always under the illusion that plastic only works when a big bed of bait had been deposited within the swim and the fish were slurping up everything in their paths, how wrong was I. I do still feel that plastic needs to have some nutritional value food right next to it rather than just on its own in the middle of nowhere, but as I’ve learnt this year, I might well be wrong on this one as well.
Without giving too many secrets away one product that has boosted my plastic confidence is Nash Plasti-Soak, especially for tench and crucians that seem to love a really sweet smelling bait.
This is how Nash describes Plasti-Soak –
The killer sweet infusion that gives all plastic baits extra bite. A creamy, lingering blend of attractors and taste enhancers designed to permeate the skin of rubber corn, maggots and other artificials. Just a few drops transforms any bait, the longer they are in contact with Plasti-Soak the better they become.
Resisting ingress of weed and silt smells, Plasti-soak transforms artificial into heavily loaded attractor packages that retain smell and taste no matter how long they are left out. Use neat as a dip/soak.

Could I disagree on the above words, no, and would I use plastic without soaking in this, no, it’s a simple as this.

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