Thursday, 19 October 2017

Short session specialist, or not?

Short session specialist!After so much time spent over the last couple of months learning the art of zig fishing I was hoping for on of those red-letter sessions and it came. I was hoping to hit a lake at the crack of dawn in order to get a catch of roach to complete a European magazine article yet a sleepless night had me rethinking as after rising somewhat leter just grabbed the carp kit and headed to Johnson's Lake. All I had was three and a half hours to spare but just twenty minutes in I found myself playing the first of seven carp, unfortunately one was lost! Usually they average around 20lb but today it was quantity not weight quality as they ranged from between 14lb and just over 20lb, yet it was proof that the art of zig fishing had been mastered. I think I may have caught another but a swan trailing line had me knacker deep in cool water, removing the line before chasing her up the path in my underpants to remove the last line from around her neck. Apologies to the anglers entering the fishery whilst I was doing this!
I had planned to meet my dad the following day for a spot of crucian fishing but I just had to let him experience such fantastic fishing, however after five hours of feeding and just a couple of signs of carp we threw in the towel. Time for a new tactic!

If you fancy learning the art of zig fishing in a day then make a date with me next year as unfortunately it time to move on to other species. I will be carp fishing over the winter but its going to be another new tactic I need to master. Will I do it?

If you fancy a days guiding for roach, perch, chub, grayling and possibly pike then these are the species that I will be concentrating on from now on.
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