Monday, 25 April 2016

Another Satisfied Customer

 Birthday Tench

Wow, what a great day. I know we didn't empty the lake but what we did catch was fab.

It was so nice to chew the fat with such a like-minded angler.

It was really good to refresh things and update my tactics. I knew I'd got a bit 'unbalanced'.

Please just send me through a bit of a shopping list when you get time, no rush. This is the best email address for me.

Thanks again for your help breaking my venue tench blank - not a monster but lovely and very cool. I learned so much today.

I think my local venue has great potential if it's given a bit of thought and approached intelligently...

I'll be definitely booking another day with you soon. Just dusting off the microns...

Good luck Friday, looks like it's going to start turning cold again. Hope you grab a big tinca before then.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Keith (a very satisfied customer)

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