Tuesday 30 June 2015

Farnham Angling Society 1st Barbel Teach-in – Monday June 29th 2015

Farnham Angling Society 1st Barbel Teach-in – Monday June 29th 2015

Arriving at 5pm at the river Loddon at Stanford End it seemed that at last the English summer has arrived, great for a sun tan but absolutely hopeless for catching numbers of barbel during the hours of daylight.
After a brief explanation of rigs and bait all six anglers set off for a tour of the river with myself pointing out all of the fish holding areas, however shade was going to play a massive part in swim choice as the temperature was now into the mid twenties.
Anglers then made their swim choice and settled in with myself doing my best to sit with each angler and help set up and answer any questions.
It was a swim that produced for myself on the weekend that saw the first fish landed, a personal best chub weighing 5lb 4oz for Chris Davies. I was actually sitting chatting when the bite came and was at hand to land, weigh and photograph his catch. Things then went somewhat quiet with two fish being lost, both thought to be chub.
It wasn’t until the sun had disappeared and dusk was setting in that the first and only barbel was caught, one a shade under 9lb and a Loddon first for Richard Blake. I’m sure if the anglers had stayed on into darkness that a few more would have shown however on such a muggy night and after arriving early and roving around the temperature had taken its toll on us all. I also witnessed a couple of barbel twisting and turning on a gravely bottom with no interest in food so it also looked as if they were going through their spawning ritual.
It was, as usual a great evening and its always good to get some feedback. Here are a few words from Chris that followed -

Hi Duncan;
I just wanted to say many thanks indeed for imparting your expertise yesterday. It was gratefully received and I know that all participants found it very enlightening. I was also pleased that you were on hand to witness and land a P B Chub for me!
Kind regards.

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