Monday, 4 November 2013

Product of the week - Winge of the week

Am I right in saying that nowadays a journey of more than ten miles cannot be completed without coming across a road closure? I except that work has to be done to maintain these yet most times I pass one of these, it seems that their are very few if any workmen trying to get the job done quickly to avoid what can only be described at times, as a frustrating situation. I try my very best to plan my route and this means tapping the post code into my Sat-Nav as this gives me a time in which the journey takes. Usually, especially on dual carriageways or motorways a few minutes can be cut of this journey, yet since the start of the summer, any journey which involves travelling along less main roads need time added due to what seems an excessive amount of road closures.
I recently tried to get to the river Thames near Wargrave in Berkshire, yet I came across not one but two road closures on route one which gave no diversion signs.
Luckily I had my Sat Nav programmed in which rerouted me every time I came across one of these annoying closures, however if it wasn’t for having a Sat Nav what would I have done, gone mad probably.
I have had a Sat Nav for around three-years and now wonder how the hell I ever found my way around, yet although these devices are a god send, they don’t always send us in the right direction, that’s why I still take a look at each new route so I know basically where I’m going then leave the Sat Nav to guide me to my destination when I’m literally on top of it.  

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