Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekly report starting 26th May

Duncan Charman’s Weekly Report – Week Starting May 26th 2012

Image 1 – Massive, but not records. 

Image 2 - The silvers were quiet, but the crucians were rampant.

Firstly l have to apologise for the alterations of my website blog. Apple that used to host my angling website decided not to host anymore, so I’ve had to transfer to another company, hence for the changes. Hopefully from now on there won’t be anymore glitches.

I’m not really sure where my time is going at the moment; however l am aware that l need to make some radical changes as well as having a good holiday. The book writing is sapping me, not just of time, but energy, however l am working relentlessly to get the text completed and the images organised so that l can get them of before my break. Whether l do this or not we will have to wait and see.
Looking at my diary of the week, the website alterations took up one day, book writing two, a feature for Tight Lines one as did a Korum product meeting. That makes five, and as l don’t fish on weekends, due to wedding photography, you can see why lm frustrated.
What makes things worse is when l look in the weeklies l see massive fish being caught and just want to be part of it!
So as you can see, my only day with rod in hand was whilst filming for Tight Lines. With the British record silver bream falling a week or so ago, l was sent on a mission to Mill Farm Fishery to see if l could catch a monster. However, after having a chat with Keith and not really wanting to fish the Specimen Lake, where the bigger silvers are, behind buzzers and bobbins using heli-rigs, agreed that l could do some proper fishing. Setting up on Mill Pond, l initially set about getting some bait down on the bottom. I did this using a bait dropper, as loose feed only attracts carp, not really what you want to hook on delicate hooklinks. Using a 15ft rod and pole float set up l dropped in, using an 6mm Sonubaits hooker pellet, only to be bent into a fish moments later. It was a crucian and over the next hour around a dozen more followed. Things then went quiet before hoards of tiny silvers bream invaded the swim. Trying to get a bait to the bottom was impossible, so l had to move to deeper water.
The new swim bought some rest bite, yet carp were now the problem, however in between these the odd better silver came. Four hours later, it was once again the crucians that moved in and by packing up time it was one a chuck. The odd silver fell, but my biggest was no more than a pound. Enjoyable fishing thou, and as much as l would have loved to have stayed on, l knew my time was needed proof reading.
The Korum product meeting was as productive as ever, however it was the specialist rods that stole the show. The team of consultants, some while ago, asked if certain rods be designed for specific jobs. Leaving this to the production team we were finally handed some samples, and my god they are good. There are a few tweaks needed, then the next step is for us consultants to take them out and put them through there paces. I can’t wait!
By the way, the massive, suspected brown goldfish that l caught a few weeks back was identified as a common carp, f1, brown goldfish hybrid. If this flies over your head, then you’re not the only one!

The Tight Lines show goes out on Friday 8th June when l will also be appearing within the – Sky Sports 3 at 7pm.

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