Thursday, 29 May 2014

Helicopter Rig Sleeves – Their Nash!

Helicopter Rig Sleeves – Their Nash!
A couple of weeks back you will recall that I was getting frustrated with the small tapered anti-tangle sleeves that I had trusted in for a number of years when fishing the helicopter rig. I’d either bought a bad batch or the previous manufacturer had done some serious cost cutting and as a result the quality was to be polite, bloody rubbish. Fortunately whilst fishing with my mate Chris he found some different ones within his tackle box but wasn’t sure who made them.
A couple of days later whilst fishing with Paul Garner he mentioned that he used Nash sleeves, obviously I had missed these whilst scrolling through the endless TT products they provide and quickly ordered a trade pack the following day. To say they have solved the problem of splitting both ends is an understatement as these little beauties stay in perfect form, session after session, so if your suffering the same frustrating problems then you know exactly what to ask for!

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