Saturday, 10 May 2014

Customer catch report - Hauling carp.

Wet, wet, wet but still hauling.

I have to admit fishing in the rain I can handle, fishing in the wind I can handle yet when it’s wet and windy it irritates me to bits; the only saving grace was that this session was at Broadwater and hopefully a constant string of hard fighting carp would take our minds of it.
My customer today was a river fanatic that fancied a day getting to grip with carp. Chris had joined me for a pike session back in the winter and caught a personal best pike; well it was before I took the perch out of its throat and having a modest best carp of 12lb I was confident that this could be increased. Setting up in Peg 19 we initially went through the simple rigs that we would be using, everything scaled down which included size 12 hooks, 10lb braided hooklinks and small punched pieces of meat on the hook tipped off with a buoyant sight stop.
It didn’t take long before a rod ripped off and Chris found himself attached to what turned out to be a new personal best carp weighing 19lb 2oz which was quickly followed by a mirror of 13lb 8oz. The action continued throughout the day, slowing after 11am yet come 6pm Chris had landed no fewer than 21 carp averaging 10lb! I even got in on the act as you can be sure at times both rods will go! In fact Chris returned home with two personal best as late in the day he dropped the net under a goldfish weighing 2lb 9oz.
Oh and as for the rain, well although it fell down all day we hardly noticed it.

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