Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Customers words from a recent day on the river

Hi Duncan
Thanks very much for the images, they are going up at work to keep me smiling and to remind me I need to make that time to get out.
I had a fantastic day on Friday, a real eye-opener for me, especially for swim selection.  We are not too far apart in terms of keeping things simple and getting up and down the bank, but the small details you showed me, like adjusting the length on the running feeder to put your bait higher or lower in the water, rotating the order in which you fish your chosen swims, and setting the rod tip pointing closer to where the bait is are just the those little extras that will create confidence in my approach in the days to come.  I know the low, clear conditions on the Loddon were against us, but your knowledge of that stretch kept the bites coming and with a bit more anticipation on my part it may well have been possible to put a five on the bank, I'm sure. I have to say that if the frosts and snow come I'll be over to Dockenfield to see if there are any chub there still.  And maybe a new stretch or two? The bread flake approach has got to be a winner there too, don't you think?
The Blackwater was also an absolute joy too, and free, to boot!  Although I do owe you a big apology for putting the float in the oak, twice!  Again, tight, intimate fishing, knowing your water inside out and having a viable and simple tactic to match the conditions guarantees fish.  No net busting fish (apart from those massive gudgeon!), but a steady trickle to start with and a very mixed bag.  That was my kind of day out, something to keep you interested at all times.  I sometimes wonder why I don't see more people fishing that way, but as you elegantly put it, you are fishing for your next fish, not that monster that's going to get your picture in the angling press.  A short session good for my confidence, especially on handling the Pin.  Pure magic for the cost of a rod license.  Thank you.
I have to say the highlight of the day was not putting a PB on the bank, although that really made me smile, as you know, even though it was only a scraper four.  For me it was your willingness to share your knowledge: where the big fish were caught, where the best swims were, the little tweaks to the rig to put an edge on your approach.  I'm guessing that there are only a few top anglers like yourself that are prepared to go to that level of detail to help blokes like myself progress.  The day was a massive lesson and I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. And boy! What a confidence booster!  And the joy of just simple fishing.  Back to the days of bread and maggot, hooks tied simply but well, no fancy rigs, just man against fish (which reminds me, I reckon a size six or eight straight through, with a swan shot or two pinched about a foot above the hook, and a massive lob worm double hooked will account for a few big chub, the odd barbel and even a PB perch on that stretch).
A brilliant day, I have taken so much from it.  Many thanks.
All the very best in your pursuit of piscatorial excellence!

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