Friday, 18 January 2013

Zander Sessions at Old Bury Hill.
March is often the best time to catch a massive zander and I have a few spaces to cater for angler during the last two weeks of the traditional season (1st to the 14th). These sessions include tactical tuition as well as the opportunity to fish for them into the hours of darkness. These guided sessions are restricted to two anglers per session and the cost is £100 per person, which includes day tickets, bait, terminal tackle and the supply of rods etc, if require. Possible changes to the fishery mean that fishing for these magnificent creatures maybe restricted in the future so if you have been thinking of spending an evening on this prolific venue, then you need to contact me very soon.

Overnight Catfish Sessions at Bagshot Lea Big Pond.
March, April and May are the best months to catch catfish, as they are just waking up after lying dormant for the winter. These guided sessions include all bait and terminal tackle (rods and reels also available on request at no extra charge) plus guest tickets and will commence a couple of hours before dusk to 9am. Tutorial will include rig explanation, bait application, fish welfare and handling.
Sessions are restricted to two anglers, at a cost of £100 per angler.

For details of availability either email me at or call me on 01252 315271 – 07928 617006.  

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