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Lower Itchen Fishery 10/01/2017

Lower Itchen Fishery 10/01/2017

Neither of my customers had ever caught a grayling before yet come the end of the day they were sick of the sight of them, well not quite.
Arriving at the fishery at opening time, 8am, we headed up river, parked the car before slowly making up our rods. Fortunately the weather was idea, mild but more importantly wind free, well that was until I had finished of my spagetti bolognaise at lunchtime! After a quick run through on tactics and feeding they were fishing and first cast the float sailed away and Jonh M was into his first fish. John G wasn’t far behind and soon had his target fish for the day in his net, a pound plus grayling.
The action continued with neither having to move swims, probably due to the slight colour within the river. Soon both had lost count of the amount of grayling and trout they had caught and were well in the grove with feeding, trotting and landing fish. Heading upstream in search of a bigger fish the two leap-frogged each other taking fish from every swim visited before lunch was taken.
In the afternoon we decided to head downstream to the slower deeper section in search of a big roach or grayling but although grayling still graced thier nets the specimen two-pounder proved elusive. With dusk falling we decided to call time having all enjoyed a really productive day.

Here are a few words received from both anglers –

Hi Duncan,
Just a quick note to thank you for yet another excellent day out fishing, this time for grayling on The Lower Itchen Fishery. It was the first time my friend John and I had visited the fishery and the first time we had both fished for grayling. Having now used your guiding services several times I’m going to nickname you the “Impatient Angler”.  You always expect a bite first cast and within seconds of your bait reaching the bottom – but, as anglers we all know that rarely happens. However, on this occasion you’re guiding skills put us straight on to the fish. First cast, we were both instantly into hard fighting grayling to around 1.25lb quickly followed by another. This continued for most of the day mixed up with brown trout to around 2.5lb. Both John and I had about 20 grayling and 20 brown trout each, a real red letter day for both of us. Having now been shown the tactics and the hot spots we will definitely visit the fishery again.
Just to let you know we are talking to each other about arranging another guiding day with you but this time for barbel on the River Wye…..roll on next Summer.
Speak soon,
Take care

Dear Duncan.
I would like to say a big thank you for your guiding on the River Itchen with myself and John on 10th Jan. The day was excellent, I have not caught as many fish in a long time and you opened my eyes to a number of aspects of angling. Having been stuck in a bit of a rut fishing the same venues that are not producing many fish for some time now I am going to look at some alternative venues, as I think my fishing time will be more productive. Had a great day and I still can’t believe that our paths have crossed after over 30 years!

Catch up soon, John.

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