Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Its time for chub.

Chub Time.....
The next few weeks are always difficuly. The lakes seem to freeze over on a regulat basis and when they are fishable, the water temperature is so low that getting many fish to feed is very unlikely.
The rivers also have been very difficult due to their low clear state, however over the last week, and after a couple days of heavy rain all will have had a good flush through, albeit of greesy muddy and very cold snow melt water, yet now they are ready to fish and the species that will be obliging are chub.

If you fancy a day roving around two rivers, firstly the Loddon in hope of a specimen chub then dropping to its smaller neighbour the Blackwater where bites are almost guaranteed alternating between two baits, bread and cheesepaste then why not email me or call me 07928 617006 and book a days fishing?

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