Saturday, 19 November 2016

You never know what you are going to hook next?

You never know what you are going to hook next?
I’ve just returned from a session on the river Frome in search of a
big grayling. The day was challenging as the fish weren’t really up for it so I had to keep moving around to find a few fish as well as trying to keep my presentation good in a strong south west wind. I also wanted to keep away from known swims and find some new areas to give future customers plenty of scope and diversity. Two hours into the session all I had to show for my efforts were half a dozen modest fish but then the float sailed away in a new swim and a fifteen minute battle commenced.
Using a 15ft rod, lumpy old Daiwa 125m Closed faced reel loaded
with 5lb main and a 3lb 6oz bottom to a size 14 hook baited with two red maggots the culprit kept me guessing to what it was. At first I thought it was a massive grayling but it just got bigger and bigger. Was it a pike that had taken a small grayling or could it possibly be a stray carp as this fish stayed deep and at one stage headed upstream but slowly it tied and then the tail gave it away, well almost as it was definitely either a salmon or a big trout. Finally she went into the net first time thanks to the expert landing duties of my mate Chris and we both thought salmon but I have been informed that it is in fact a bi brown trout and weighing 8lb 2oz is my first personal best of the year.
After this fish and suffering from what I think is Tennis Elbow I wasn’t that concerned if anymore fish followed but right at the end of the day and once again in a new swim the float buried and a 2lb 3oz grayling graced my net.

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